Learn French online

How to use the program

Downloading French learning audio materials online

To open a French topic just click on it on the topics list. If the topic is marked with a yellow arrow learning French online it means that the materials of the topic are not yet downloaded on your computer and to open this topic you need to connect to the website. After downloading is completed the learning software will mark the topic with a green tick learning French online. It means that the topic is saved on your computer and you can learn it any time at your convenience with the Easy-to-Learn French software.

If the topic is marked with a red cross learning French online it means that you haven't entered an access code yet. If you click on the topic the program will ask you to enter an access code or to buy it. After you enter an access code all red crosses will turn into yellow arrows.

interface of Easy-to-Learn French Online program

Program's navigation

The simplest way to work with a topic is to click on words or phrases which you want to learn. If you click inside a word you will listen to that word. If you click between words you will listen to a phrase. If you want to listen to a phrase you can also double click on it.

We also made a toolbar which you can use to navigate through the text. It allows you to playback next, previous or selected word or phrase learning software. But we think that a keyboard could be more comfortable for this purpose. So you can use left/right arrows to move between words and up/down arrows to shift between phrases. To repeat a word or a phrase use keys [Z] and [X].

The program can also play back the whole topic phrase by phrase or word by word. You can start such a playback from any word or phrase. During this kind of playback you can still click on the text of the topic to repeat or pass some phrases. Here acts the same rule as the click between or within words. If you click within a word the program will continue to play back by words. If you click between words the program will continue to play back by phrases. To play back the whole topic use a program's toolbar language software or the following keys on your keyboard:

[Space] - Playback by words / Stop
[Enter] - Playback by phrases / Stop
[Esc] - Stop
[R] - Continuous playback switch

Saving French learning materials as MP3 files

Perhaps you would wish to work with some topics without your computer while you are on the move. For this purpose we have designed in our program functions which allow you to save any topic as either an "mp3" or a "txt" file so that you can listen and see the text of the topic. You can find these functions on the program's toolbar language softwareand in the menu "File".

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