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French learning tips

There is one general rule to studying a language effectively: practice, practice and practice! To develop your understanding of any foreign language you need to practice listening (different people, different accents and in different circumstances). If you want to learn to speak you need to communicate as much as possible in the language you study, etc...

Many people start learning French language by learning vocabulary. Although vocabulary is the essential element of understanding and communication, it will be useless if you do not know how the words can be used and in what context. You may need lots of time to collect in your mind known words in phrase. That's why to learn language you need to study words within the context and essential phrases because it will give you a better understanding.

Our Easy-to-Learn French course is intended to help you with this task, especially if you plan to use French language actively for practical purposes. It gives you the possibility to practice essential communicative phrases in reading, listening and repeating after the speaker.

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Our recommendation for effectively learning French language using the Easy-to-Learn French online course:

learning French with our program is easy
  • Select one French phrase in a topic. Listen and repeat each word after the speaker. Whenever possible, say the words and phrases aloud rather than reciting them silently to yourself. Look at the translation windows to understand what these French words are about. Try to remember new words.
  • Listen and pronounce the whole French phrase after the speaker. Read its translation. Try to recognise each French word and understand the role of each word within the phrase.
  • When you feel that you have succeeded with the selected phrase you may continue with the next one. Continue to follow these steps up to the end of the topic.
  • After working in this way with each phrase listen again to the French phrases of the topic and pronounce them one by one without looking at the original text or translation. Try to recognise the meaning of each word and each phrase.
  • When you feel comfortable with the phrases, listen to the whole text of the topic non-stop. You may also use the function of converting the audio recordings into MP3 files and then listening to the phrases from your MP3 player whenever and wherever you want.

Good luck!

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