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Any language consists of a number of skills, such as spoken language, listening recognition, reading and writing. Knowledge of grammar also can be considered as a separate skill. Usually people expect that if they are good at one of these skills all the others will develop automatically. But in actual practice it does not occur. Undoubtedly, there is an interrelation between skills, but it is insufficient for full development. For example, you can learn to understand written French texts, nevertheless you will not speak French, write well, understand French language or know the French grammar. For high-grade development of each skill it is necessary to pay attention to each of them. It is better to begin with French listening recognition development as it will create a good basis for development of a correct French pronunciation.

Do not trust any offers like "French in a month" or "French in 5 minutes a day" which assume French language learning without the careful, concentrated and long work. If it was possible to study language so quickly, everybody would become a polyglot.

When you come to French language courses or tutor or purchase any French language learning method remember that they will give you basically the guide to action which will give you no more than 10 % of necessary practice, and you pay only for it. If you do not practice the remaining ninety percent of the necessary skills - your level of French language will be quite mediocre. Practice is a unique way of French language acquisition.

Although all these things sound hard it does not mean that French language learning is tedious and uninteresting process. You just need to choose learning activity that fits you most of all: reading French books or newspapers, listening to French songs or dialogs, watching films or TV, using French language learning software, "alive" conversation with French speaking people...

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