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Five ingredients of success in French language learning

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  1. The first and the main ingredient of success in French language learning is your motivation.
    learn French language effectively You should clearly understand why you need French language. It can be because you want to obtain carrier promotion, due to your studies or training abroad (in France), you are going to travel in Francophone countries, you have business relations with French partners, you expect to participate in international conferences, you want to read your favourite French writer in the original or you just want to communicate with your French friend or play some French computer game. Your motivation should be enough strong to encourage you during your French learning process.

  2. Correct expectations.
    learn French language effectively The majority of people deadlock themselves when studying French language by expecting too high results like to talk ideally without accent or to write without an error. As a result they do not dare to use French knowledge they already have in their life. Although in most cases ideal knowledge of French language is not necessary. Another misbelief can be that French can be learnt in very short term (one month, two months) or without efforts. You should understand: the higher expectations you have the more efforts and energy you will need to apply. Therefore it's better to determine for yourself what level of French language is sufficient for you. If you require high-level competence in French language it's better to divide the learning process and aims to separate less complicated stages to avoid demotivation.

  3. Time and intention to learn French language regularly.
    learn French language effectively It is impossible to learn French language piecemeal, it is necessary to plunge into it. Try to set aside some time every day for your French studies. You can set one hour in a morning or half of hour in the morning and in the evening. You may want other duration or other frequency. The main idea is that the time should be sufficient to concentrate on your French studies. Between these fixed hours of concentration you may find other possibilities to practice French during your typical day. You may listen to French audio texts, dialogs, radio stations when driving or cooking, read French books during your lunch break, use flashcards in your home or at your work place or even translate in your mind any posters, advertising board you meet, overheard fragments of conversations.

  4. Appropriate French learning approach.
    learn French language effectively French language learning should give you a pleasure otherwise you will try to find other "more important" things to do. Today lots of techniques exist to help you. You may speak, read, listen to things you are interested in. In such a way you will remember new French words and phrases much more efficiently.

  5. Overcoming your fear to speak French with mistakes.
    learn French language effectively Use any possibility to speak: repeating after the speaker you hear, communicate with French people you meet or other French language students. Remember - you DO NOT suppose to speak French fluently or ideally, the main thing is that you can express your idea by the set of words and phrases you already know and your interlocutors could "guess" it. Even if they will not understand you they can ask you a leading question. The native speakers will appreciate your attempt to speak their language. Just remember that if you ask a question you should have certain French understanding skills or you just will not understand the answer.
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