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French pronunciation - is it difficult?

Pronunciation of French sounds

French pronunciation is quite different to English one. Correct French pronunciation is one of the most important skills in French language learning as this skill allows you to be understood. Correct French pronunciation does not mean ideal pronunciation without any accent, as to achieve an ideal French pronunciation for adults learning French is almost unreal task which requires significant efforts. Correct here means "easy understandable". That's why to listen and to learn French native pronunciation of words and especially phrases is VERY important. To study correct French pronunciation from very beginning is always easier than to be retrained.

What is the French pronunciation

Pronunciation skill in its nature is muscle memory, physical capability of our organs of speech to produce the sound. More than 100 muscles in the body are used in this process. To succeed in French pronunciation you need to learn to manipulate your air-stream and to train all these muscles - your tongue, throat, lips, lungs, neck.

Although a phonetic transcription and French sounds descriptions can be helpful in some cases it is not very useful in French pronunciation learning. The starting point should be listening to proper French pronunciation, native speaker's pronunciation will be the best. Only this way the correct sound will be conceived in your brain. After that your brain can encode speech and trigger a complex chain of physical reflexive actions. As any physical activity pronunciation requires long training. Therefore do not be discouraged when some French sounds are not too easy for you.

How to start speaking French and to learn French pronunciation

The best method to start speaking French and to learn French pronunciation is repeating aloud French words and phrases after the speaker. A tutor can correct your pronunciation, give you advice on how to keep your tongue or lips. You also may practice your French pronunciation by listening to French audio records and imitating the French speaker's sounds. If you want to control your pronounced French sounds you may record your voice and then compare it to the French speaker's. As the practice shows the self pronunciation training gives very good results not only to pronounce French sounds but also to remember word-combinations and to catch the "melody" of French language. Singing French songs can also be a good practice of French pronunciation. Our organs of speech relax and tune to imitate sounds when we start singing.

How Easy-to-Learn French Phrases can help you to learn French pronunciation

Easy-to-Learn French audio based materials provide a good possibility to listen to native speaker's pronunciation and to train your organs of speech to pronounce the most commonly used French words and phrases. It was designed so to allow you to listen to proper French pronunciation and to repeat single word or a whole phrase at your choice.

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