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If you begin to learn French or just want to learn a set of phrases that may be useful when you travel to French-speaking country, the Android application will help you to make an easy start and quickly achieve the desired goal. Also this application can be used to improve your French pronunciation.

The main advantage of the Android application is that you can listen to both phrases and words from which the phrases are composed. This greatly simplifies the task of mastering French pronunciation, allowing you first to learn the correct pronunciation of words and then the pronunciation of the whole phrase. This is implemented very simply and conveniently. You just touch the French text with one or two fingers and listen to the word or phrase. There is also a convenient toolbar that allows you to manage the program by one hand and gives you the opportunity to listen to a phrase or single words.

The program contains 41 topics with the most frequently used French phrases. The first 6 topics are free. Phrases and words are translated into English. The program supports the following gestures:

  1. To select and listen to the word tap it with one finger.
  2. To listen to the next or previous word swipe left or right with one finger.
  3. To select and listen to the phrase use a double tap.
  4. To listen to the selected phrase tap the screen with two fingers.
  5. To listen to the next or previous phrase swipe left or right with two finger.
  6. To play the text from the selected position tap the screen with three fingers or make a double tap with two fingers.
  7. To stop playback tap the screen with two or more fingers.
  8. If you use a smartphone you can increase or decrease the size of the translation window by slipping two fingers up or down.

Enjoy learning French with the Android application!

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