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Our transparent and fair affiliate program

We can offer you a 50% affiliate program. All you have to do is to distribute our "Easy-to-Learn French Phrases" program. We will do the rest.

We pay our partners for every sale of our software which was originally downloaded from their website. We pay even if a copy of our software has passed through many users and was purchased many times. So our affiliate program is very fair. To achieve this we have developed our own affiliate system which is also very transparent.

To start with our affiliate program just send a message to our e-mail . Then we will compile for you a file for distribution with your identification number inside which will be automatically included in the program's serial number. A serial number is unique for every single computer and is used to generate a unique access code for a customer.

Your distribution file could be placed either on our or on your web server. Its size is 2M only. You can suggest your visitors just to download and try our software. You may distribute that file not only through your website but please don't use spam methods.

The program has 3 free and 38 closed topics to learn. Only the first topic is installed with the program. The program downloads other topics from our web server when a user needs them.

The program automatically asks a user to buy an access code when he tries to open closed topics and redirects him to our sale page. The purchase is processed by the e-commerce company SWREG.

After the user enters an access code into his program it initiates a task of sending messages to our and partners websites. Messages consist of program's serial number and access code status. An access code could be main and additional. The main access code is generated by the SWREG as a result of a successful purchase. Additional access codes are issued by our support service to give a customer possibility to use our software on different computers, for example, at home and at work. Support service issues not more then 2-3 additional access codes for one customer.

Messages mentioned above are sent to our and partner's websites while the program downloads from our web server opened by an access code topics. If they are sent successfully the task is stopped so that messages to be sent only one time. A message for your website will be sent with POST method to a page that you should indicate us before we compile your distribution file.

Also we can send you an automatic e-mail each time our script receives a message from a program distributed by you.

The procedure described above is easy and we will help you to make all necessary preparations.

We keep tracking of our partners earnings. You can check your earnings with the described above program's messages or our automatic e-mails.

There are two options of transferring your earnings to you. We can make it ourselves or you can manage your share personally. The second option means that you should be our official affiliate at the SWREG. There is nothing to do for you to become our official affiliate at the SWREG. You just have to notify us about it and we will manage the rest. Your affiliate account will be created automatically on the first purchase of our software distributed by you. You can get more details about it here: SWREG affiliate system.

Please be notified that we send you your earnings on your account. It may costs you from USD 1 to USD 20 per transaction depending on a payment method you are ready to use. You can read about it more here: third party payments at SWREG.

We are really interested in a firm and long-term partnership relations as we are focused more on software development not on website promotion. So if you have a possibility to distribute our software, please, don't hesitate to contact us. We really appreciate our partners and customers and ready to pay them our close attention.

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