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with Easy-to-Learn French Phrases!

We have made a special Easy-to-Learn French online course, which is a perfect French online resource for adults to learn French phrases in an interactive way with 41 different topics. You can download and try it free right now! Android app on Google Play

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How Easy-to-Learn French Phrases online course helps you to study French language

To understand if this Easy-to-Learn French online course is for you just look through the main advantages which you can obtain from using it:

Easy-to-Learn French program is designed so that it helps you to study French language online in the most effective way:

  • Once the program is installed and materials with French phrases are downloaded you don't need internet access anymore.
  • You don't need to wait when you receive ordered discs to start learning French phrases. You just download the program and materials online and then you may start learning French.
  • User-friendly software that allows you to manage the program with just one click. The interface of the program is very simple and the navigation tools are very comfortable. You won't waste your time on passing through different windows and making useless clicks!
  • Flexibility: you may practice your French whenever you want: at any time, any day. You may stop at any time and make the program repeat the text.
  • The program allows you to extract audio recordings and convert them into MP3 format, which you can use on your MP3 player for continuous learning in your car, at home, or at work, wherever and whenever.
  • The Easy-to-Learn French Phrases program is designed in a way that you can simultaneously see the original text - French phrases, translation of the selected phrase and dictionary entry for the word selected. Therefore you don't need to have a dictionary and spend your time looking up the new French word as you already have the full description of the French word by simply clicking on it. You also have the possibility to hide the translation if you feel comfortable reading and listening just to the original French text.

Easy-to-Learn French materials (phrases) are prepared with the emphasis on conversational French language and have the following features:

  • Full translation of each French word and phrase in English.
  • Native speaker sound for each French phrase. You can listen to a word, a phrase or a whole text as many times as you need to understand or to remember it.
  • Appropriate for any level as you don't need to determine what level of French language you are. Each French word and phrase has a description, translation and pronunciation that allows you to understand the different nuance of the language.
  • Materials include one of the fullest collections of the most commonly used French phrases, presented in 41 different topics, which will provide you with the vocabulary that you can use in every day conversation.
  • We offer you to learn ready-to-use French phrases rather than separate words. This is the key to fluency in French.

Just try it and you will love to study French!

enjoy study French language with Easy-to-Learn French Phrases
The product consists of two components: software and learning materials (French phrases).

Step 1.
Click below to download the Easy-to-Learn French program, which comes with 3 free topics (files).

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Step 2.
Install the downloaded program on your computer.

Step 3.
Open the installed program and study the first three free topics.

Step 4.
Buy a key to access the other 38 topics.

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